Criminal Law

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One of the many areas of law that we specialize in is Criminal Law: 

  • Contacting the court or using the Court’s website (if applicable) to pull case information.
  • Preparing of Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Arraignment. 
  • Preparing of Motions Packet (DUI, Misdemeanor Drug, Felony Drug, Other Misdemeanor and Other Felony).
  • Preparing of Plea in Absentia.
  • Preparing of Motions (Bond Motions, Consent Motions, Motions to Suppress, Motion for Continuance, etc.).
  • Preparing and sending of Conflict Letter to the Judge and Solicitor/District Attorney.
  • Ordering of Police Report.
  • Ordering of Criminal History.
  • Ordering of Officer POST Records.

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